Friday, March 4, 2011

First look at field-grown Stewartia

We have been field-growing Stewaria monodelpha for a few years now.  We lifted a few this spring to see how they were developing.  This first picture is a Stewartia that has just been lifted, and the Root Control bag is being peeled away.  For size reference, the root ball is about 10 inches in diameter.

The lower part of the root ball is removed, and excess soil washed away.

This is a bit difficult to see.  If you can appreciate the black material in the center of the roots, you are seeing a Geodisc.  This is the same Geodisc we use on top of 1 gallon pots to help with weed control.  We use them in a technique similar to growing on tiles, simply because they are cheap and readily available.  We've gone through 1,000 of them already this spring.

Geodisc has been removed, and further root pruning performed.

The large roots are pruned back, and the tree is ready to go into an Anderson tray for it's next stage of development. 

We anticipate offering the Stewartia for sale next year.

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