Monday, May 23, 2011

2011 BSOP Show at the Portland Japanese Garden

On the weekend of May 21 & 22,  the Bonsai Society of Portland had it's annual show at the Portland Japanese Garden.  Here are a few pictures.

A kusianum in bloom.  We had hoped to have satsuki on display, but the weather didn't cooperate.

This is a huge collected hemlock.

On Saturday evening, the show was critiqued by Ryan Neal.  This katsura was his choice for best in show.

A very old apple tree stump, in bloom.
 Shore pine

 Voted best deciduous tree in the show.

 Collected ponderosa

 Voted best conifer in the show.

I have grouped the shohin trees together.  Sometimes, getting close enough to show the detail of the tree leaves no size reference. 

Voted best shohin.

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  1. Great photos; I think you got all of them! I had to leave Saturday night before Ryan began his critique. I am very curious as to what Ryan said about the Katsura. Can you comment?